• Heather Lewis-Baker performing with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra and conductor Ken Young

  • Canterbury Plainsmen Barbershop Chorus

  • CBS Choir and Orchestra perform in the Cathedral

  • The Jubilate Singers

  • CBS Music Choir perform in St Mary's Pro Cathedral

  • National Concerto 50th Competition Finalists: (L to R) Matthias Balzat, Delvan Lin, Siyu Sun, Hye In Kim

  • National Concerto 50th Competition "Alumni Concert" - Wilma Smith (Violin); Mark Walton (Clarinet) and Richard Mapp (Piano)

Welcome to Music Canterbury

The Christchurch Civic Music Council was started in 1941, to continue the work of the Christchurch Festival Committee and was the first of its kind founded in New Zealand.

It began its life as the Canterbury Music Festival Committee but some time after and especially upon incorporation and later registration as a charity it became known by its current official name, Christchurch Civic Music Council Inc.

The organisation comprises Affiliate members who are the lifeblood of Canterbury’s music and related worlds. The council runs the National Concerto Competition and supplies pianos and a harpsichord for concert venues as well as offering scholarships through various trusts etc it administers and/or with which it is connected.

Assistance from the Christchurch City Council was a vital foundation stone at the time it was founded and, thankfully, this close fellowship continues to this day.

In practice, whilst the legal name continues, the term Music Canterbury reflects the scope of the Council’s endeavours and can be regarded as its popular nickname.