Toi Ōtautahi/Christchurch Arts Strategy

Please see below link for information on the Christchurch City Council Arts Strategy

Submissions were presented to the Christchurch City Council in June 2019 and the the following was adopted at the Christchurch City Council meeting on Thursday 22nd August 2019.

That the Council:

  1. Endorse Toi Ōtautahi.
  2. Endorse continued work with funding partners and the sector to ensure robust leadership, implementation and monitoring of Toi Ōtautahi.


On  June 5, 2012 a submission was made to the Christchurch City Council by The Voice of Music. It was not only well received, but was also subsequently acknowledged and reinforced by two other major musical submissions – the Christchurch Music Centre and the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra.
You will appreciate the importance of this as a response to the Minister’s challenge earlier this year that “If you can find a way to speak as one voice, we will listen.” We found a way, and yesterday morning spoke as one voice.

Thank you very much to those who supported the submission.

Background to the Voice of Music Submission

On May 8, 2012 close to one hundred musical organisations and individuals were invited to a meeting convened by the Christchurch Civic Music Council.  As a result of the meeting a writing party was put in place to prepare a draft proposal for a submission to the Draft Annual Christchurch City Plan 2012 – 2013 Christchurch Otautahi. The attendees unanimously voted in support of the following resolutions:

  • That the meeting supports in principle the Music Centre proposal
  • That the group supports the concept of a Music Precinct for Christchurch with multifunctional facilities  and combining education for music, community music and the related arts.
  • That the CCC be urged to base the Music Precinct around the Town Hall and Victoria Square.
  • That the group endorses the CCMC initiative to lead the preparation of a submission which would be made on behalf of the Music Community.

A group of five were nominated to draft the submission to the CCC on the basis of the resolutions. They were: Hon. Margaret Austin CNZM, Dr Philip Norman, Adjunct Associate Professor David Sell, Don Whelan MNZM and myself. The members of the writing team are to be commended for their speedy efforts.

At that stage the group had no name, but thanks to the Christchurch Press, which reported the outcome of the group’s deliberations, the name The Voice of Music was adopted.

The Voice of Music Submission

Click here to download the Draft of our submission.

If you are aware of any musicians or music organisations that have not received information regarding this submission, please keep them informed or send us their contact details to ensure that we can respond to their input.

Please do not hesitate to give feedback to:

Kind regards
Graeme Wallis

Chairman, Christchurch Civic Music Council
Music Educator in Residence
School of Literacies and Arts
College of Education
University of Canterbury